Saturday, April 16, 2011

wide spread corruption in public

We all make big noise about corruption in political sphere, but where do general public stands. Whatever things I buy, there is almost every chance that seller cheated me. Take the instance of my new car. From the day I bought it in malik cars hyderabad, I am getting cheated.
In fact, even malik cars cheated me in nice way. They sold me AMC without telling me that it will not be much use for me.

After that, I had to go for sun film on car.  After looking at many shops near kothaguda, I decided to get it done from Xenex near kothaguda junction in Hyderabad. They said that other shops say 3M, but put local films. I bought this argument, left my car with him and came back after 3 hours. After returning, i took my car home and checked for 3M logo on sun films. Only the side windows have it. Back windscreen sun film does not have 3M logo. As per Xenex guy, he scratched it to avoid it getting in touch with back demister. As per 3M representatuve, this is absolute bullshit. 3M marking cannot be removed at all.

Come to tejaswi motors servicing. I left car for 1st servicing and he seems to have done abdolutely nothing except affixing his sticker. I had absolutely asked him not to do that. And then he said that nitrogen filling is recommended by TATA. Going bysome articles, this does not seem like a good choice.

All in all, I got cheated by 10000 rupees for believing people. Whom to believe then? Where from anna hazare will get  honest lokayukta. Pura india corrupt hai..