Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ostrich like behavior of society

It is very clear that the largest minority community in india takes its inspiration from abroad. Well, most of them. They are anyway symapthisize with their causes. But, what our politicians are doing. They are doing more and more appeasement. What other place do we hindus have in the world? Why we have to apologize so profusely every day and every hour for any apparent slight to that community? We talk in much terser languages among ourselves and still life goes one, but our intelligensia full of bengalis goes berserk the moment anyone utters a slight apprehensions on their intent. Why it is wrong to ask people to prove loyalty? Don't my employer ask me to do the same every day and from all of us? And do everyone has so free time in the world to go asking them to prove loyalty. Only when ae see apprent signs of appessement and followers of foreign thought processes that we come to such conclusions. Why not we will also stay quiet and go about our work? I want to do the same including so called majority, but we are forced to raise hands when foreign thoughts are forcibly imposed on us. Why dress ridiculously in a way different than all indians, why eat in inhuman ways? Till the time alien culture is imported and practised in india, indian majority will continue to ask questions.

I hope intelligensia and laders too understand this and try to be more assertive than apologetic. To fight china and US, we need to assert ourselves athn styay like ostrich running away from growing minority-created law and order troubles.

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